Anna Lisa Guido

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The ability to quickly identify and rapidly apply effective business practices makes the difference between companies that manage to remain competitive even in crisis situations and companies that suffer from short-term market changes. To seize the opportunity to adapt their business practices according to emerging organizational forms (Extended Enterprise,(More)
Today, there is a growing in terest in using online communities to support either social interaction or Public Administration (PA) digital inclusion, both in geography-based communities and geographically distributed users of the Internet. In this paper we present a pseudo 3D (2,5D) configurable virtual environment that uses the "plaza metaphor" to(More)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is becoming more and more important for tracing and tracking systems. Furthermore, the application of standards, such as EPCglobal, is contributing substantially to diffusing the important concept of Internet of Things. Although, these elements promise enormous benefits, there remain barriers that are(More)
A good analysis of the application domain is the most complex and crucial phase in information system design, regardless of its dimensions. Many well-known methodologies exist for the following development phase, but to design a specific application domain many approaches follow one another: from UML to goal-oriented approach. All these became critical when(More)
Every day companies deal with internal problems in order to manage human resources during the execution of business processes. The ability to quickly identify and rapidly apply effective business practices to recurring problems becomes crucial in order to improve the efficiency of the organization. To seize the opportunity of adapting their business(More)
ABSTRACT In the previous years Information System manage only information inside the company, today a company may search and manage information of the other companies. In this scenario the problem of communication between Information Systems is of the highest importance. Up to the present moment, several types of integration have been used but all were(More)