Anna Lisa Guido

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A good analysis of the application domain is the most complex and crucial phase in information system design, regardless of its dimensions. Many well-known methodologies exist for the following development phase, but to design a specific application domain many approaches follow one another: from UML to goal-oriented approach. All these became critical when(More)
Every day companies deal with internal problems in order to manage human resources during the execution of business processes. The ability to quickly identify and rapidly apply effective business practices to recurring problems becomes crucial in order to improve the efficiency of the organization. To seize the opportunity of adapting their business(More)
Up to some years ago, industries operating in the field of document filing system had a great boost to their growing, pulled, above all, by the need of the Public Administrations and of the Great Industries to externalize their paper archives. Now these companies are slowly trying to convert themselves to digital enterprises becoming, de facto, provider of(More)
The complexity of the information systems has recently had a remarkable increase, mostly thanks to the enormous impact that it has had in the multi-agent system (MAS) area; hence the need to integrate two systems and obtain an IS that takes advantage of the potentialities of the MAS. To this purpose, a methodology to analyze and design a multi-agent system(More)
The web revolution makes outdated preexisting Information Systems (legacy systems). Companies need to update their Information Systems without lose neither investments on design and implementation made in the past nor the know-how acquired during years. The modern trend is to activate a reengineering process for the legacy systems. It is important that the(More)
The huge amount of files of different types (from photos, personal documents, to accounting or fiscal documents) which everyone stores in his own personal computer or in other hardware device (such as internet virtual space, external hard drives, etc.) risk, with the passing of time, to go lost. The founding idea of the eSCI project (eStore of Captured(More)