Anna Lina Ruscelli

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Quality of Service (QoS) provided by the IEEE 802.11e amendment and by the proposed HCF Controlled Channel Access (HCCA) reference scheduler is tailored for Constant Bit Rate traffic streams. Moreover the numerous alternative scheduling algorithms are not suitable to serve Variable Bit Rate (VBR) traffic streams with the required QoS and real-time(More)
IEEE 802.11e HCCA reference scheduler guarantees Quality of Service only for Constant Bit Rate traffic streams, whereas its assignment of scheduling parameters (transmission time TXOP and polling period) is too rigid to serve Variable Bit Rate (VBR) traffic. This paper presents a new scheduling algorithm, <i>Dynamic TXOP HCCA</i> (DTH). Its scheduling(More)
This paper presents a new scheduling algorithm, the Wireless Constant Bandwidth Server (W-CBS) for the Access Points of an IEEE 802.11e wireless networks to support traffic streams with Quality of Service guarantees, in particular in the case of multimedia applications which present variable bit rate traffic. The performance of W-CBS is compared to that of(More)
The IEEE 802.11e standard introduces Quality of Service (QoS) support for wireless local area networks and suggests how to design a tailored HCF Controlled Channel Access (HCCA) scheduler. However the reference scheduling algorithm is suitable to assure service guarantees only for Constant Bit Rate traffic streams, whereas shows its limits for Variable Bit(More)
IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless networks recently has been enhanced with IEEE 802.11e amendment to this protocol which introduces Quality of Service support. It provides differentiation mechanisms at the Medium Access Control layer, using two additional access functions: the Enhanced Distributed Channel Access (EDCA) function and the HCF Controlled(More)
European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) is the European reference for interoperable and safer signaling systems to efficiently manage trains running. If implemented, it allows trains cross seamlessly intra-European national borders. ERTMS has defined a secure communication protocol, EURORADIO, based on open communication networks. Its RadioInfill(More)
IEEE 802.11 based WLANs have became popular, but they can only provide best effort services and so they are poorly suitable for multimedia applications. Recently IEEE 802.11e standard has been proposed to support quality of service. The new standard introduces a so-called Hybrid Coordination Function containing two medium access mechanisms: contention-based(More)