Anna Lewandowska

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The aim of this work was to determine the influence of different doses of lithium on magnesium concentration in plasma and tissues of rats. For a period of eight weeks rats had been provided with aqueous solutions of Li(2)CO(3) whose concentrations were established as follows: 0.7; 1.4; 2.6; 3.6; 7.1; 10.7 mmol Li(+)/l. Magnesium concentration was(More)
Lithium is widely used in medicine, but its administration can cause numerous side effects. The present study aimed at the evaluation of the possible application of selenium, an essential and antioxidant element, as a protective agent against lithium toxicity. The experiment was performed on four groups of Wistar rats: I (control)—treated with saline, II(More)
For more than sixty years lithium carbonate has been used in medicine. However, during its administration different side effects including oxidative stress can occur. Selenium belongs to essential elements possessing antioxidant properties. This study aimed at evaluating if selenium could be used as a protective adjuvant in lithium therapy. The experiment(More)
AIMS Selenium is an essential element possessing antioxidant properties and the treatment with it has displayed protective effects against toxicity of different substances occurring in the environment and food as well as against the side effects of some drugs. Lithium is used in medicine although numerous side effects can occur during therapy, including(More)
Lithium is widely used in medicine and the therapy is often long term. Apart from beneficial effects, its application can cause diverse side effects. The current study was performed with the aim of the evaluation of the effect of lithium and/or selenium administration on magnesium, calcium and silicon levels in rats. The study was performed on rats divided(More)
The incidence of cancer is constantly increasing. Chemo/radiotherapy is one of major methods of treating cancer. Although adverse chemo/radiotherapy events, such as anemia and neutropenia, can be successfully cured, thrombocytopenia is still problematic. We constructed the Hyper-IL11 (H11) cytokine by linking soluble interleukin 11 receptor alpha(More)
OBJECTIVE Despite numerous side effects, including heart disturbances, lithium is still used in medicine. Selenium treatment can protect against toxicity of harmful substances and side effects of other drugs. In this study possibility of sodium selenite application as an adjuvant in lithium treatment was studied. MATERIALS AND METHODS Male Wistar rats(More)
Lithium is an essential trace element, widely used in medicine and its application is often long-term. Despite beneficial effects, its administration can lead to severe side effects including hyperparathyroidism, renal and thyroid disorders. The aim of the current study was to evaluate the influence of lithium and/or selenium treatment on magnesium, calcium(More)
Postmenopausal women more often suffered from knee osteoarthritis and its pathogenesis still remains unclear. Calcium and silicon are significant elements involved in bone and joint metabolism, especially in older people. Cardiovascular diseases are common worldwide and simvastatin is the most prescribed drug in such population of patients. The purpose of(More)
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