Anna Labella

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A membrane system (P system) is a model of computation inspired by some basic features of the structure and behaviour of living cells. In this paper we consider systems with string-objects processed by rewriting, with the communication controlled by conditions on the contents of the strings. Symbols, substrings (in an arbitrary place, or as a(More)
In this paper we propose a new formal operation on words and languages, called superposition. By this operation, based on a Watson–Crick-like complementarity, we can generate a set of words, starting from a pair of words, in which the contribution of a word to the result need not be one subword only, as happens in classical bio-operations of DNA computing.(More)
We prove the following completeness theorem: If the fixed point operation over a category is defined by initial@, then the equations satisfied by the fixed point operation are exactly those of iteration theories. Thus, in such categories, the equational axioms of iteration theories provide a sound and complete axiomatization of the equational properties of(More)
The use of the Web and the diffusion of knowledge management systems makes it possible to base discussions upon a vast set of documents, many of which also include links to multimedia material, such as images or videos. This perspective could be exploited by allowing a team to collaborate by exchanging and retrieving annotated multimedia documents (text,(More)
We provide a finite equational axiomatization for bisimulation equivalence of nondeterministic interpretation of regular expressions. Our axiomatization is heavily based on the one by Salomaa, that provided an implicative axiomatization for a large subset of regular expressions, namely all those that satisfy the non-empty word property (i.e. without 1(More)
CoPuppet is a framework for the development of performances of virtual puppetry. In particular, it defines a class of interactive systems in which to realize collaborative performances involving several puppeteers. Users are able to control puppets’ body parts and interact with the puppets by producing gestures which are captured by video devices and(More)
GO/Max is an agent programming language that facilitates the design of algorithms for real-time control of sound/music generation programs crafted in the Max/MSP environment. We show how software planning agents programmed in GO/Max can be used to transform abstract goal states specified by the performer in potentially complex sequences of Max/MSP control(More)
In this paper we simplify the model of computation considered in [1], namely network of evolutionary picture processors, by moving the filters from the nodes to the edges. Each edge is now viewed as a twoway channel such that input and output filters, respectively, of the two nodes connected by the edge coincide. Thus, the possibility of controlling the(More)