Anna L. Powell

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The examination of cognitions and emotions during the bulimic cycle is critical in understanding possible maintenance factors involved in bulimia. In this study, 22 bulimics and 22 nonbulimics recorded their thoughts and feelings every 2 waking hours over a 6-day period. Bulimics additionally recorded their moods and thoughts during their binges and(More)
The retrosplenial cortex supports navigation, but there are good reasons to suppose that the retrosplenial cortex has a very different role in spatial memory from that of the hippocampus and anterior thalamic nuclei. For example, retrosplenial lesions appear to have little or no effect on standard tests of spatial alternation. To examine these differences,(More)
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is characterized by rich heterogeneity in vocabulary knowledge and word knowledge that is not well accounted for by current cognitive theories. This study examines whether individual differences in vocabulary knowledge in ASD might be partly explained by a difficulty with consolidating newly learned spoken words and/or(More)
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