Anna L Kosova

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Residing at northern latitudes for long periods of time is associated with sleep disturbances and internal desynchronization, which are considered to be causes of chronic diseases in old age. In children and teenagers, they result in a poor school achievement, psychological problems, and increase in consumption of stimulants. In this paper, we analyze the(More)
The study investigates the effect of the month of birth and ambient light conditions at birth on sleep length and chronotype among residents of high latitudes. The authors surveyed 1172 persons (609 girls, 563 boys) age 11 to 18 yrs living in five villages and four towns located between 59.5°N and 67.6°N latitude. Survey participation was voluntary and(More)
The purpose of this work was to examine the relationships between geographical coordinates and the prevalence of winter depression (SADW ), and to compare the sleep characteristics and chronotype of youths with and without SADW . We conducted a cross-sectional study of self-reported sleep characteristics, chronotype and winter depression in northern(More)
The literature and results of own researches concerning the influence of climatic conditions of the North on human organism are analyzed in the paper. Experimental and clinical data are in accordance with a hypothesis of "circadian destruction" covering the mechanism of negative influence of factors of the North on human health. The model to describe the(More)
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