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Analysis of epigenetic mechanisms, particularly DNA methylation, is of increasing interest for epidemiologic studies examining disease etiology and impacts of environmental exposures. The Infinium HumanMethylation450 BeadChip(®) (450K), which interrogates over 480,000 CpG sites and is relatively cost effective, has become a popular tool to characterize the(More)
Crosstalk and noise characteristics of non-linear all optical loop mirror (NOLM) demultiplexer and terahertz optical asymmetric demultiplexer (TOAD) are investigated in this paper. The best demultiplexing conditions are studied in order to minimise the crosstalk and noise, and to achieve reduced power penalty for both all-optical demultiplexing schemes. 1.(More)
We present prediction and variable importance (VIM) methods for longitudinal data sets containing continuous and binary exposures subject to missingness. We demonstrate the use of these methods for prognosis of medical outcomes of severe trauma patients, a field in which current medical practice involves rules of thumb and scoring methods that only use a(More)
We have conducted a pilot-study of one particular aspect of computer system design, namely how the speech acts in a human–computer dialogue system influence the disfluency production of the user. We have analysed two travel-booking corpora with the aim to find out how many disfluencies the various speech acts in the dialogues of the corpora produce. We(More)
Improving the treatment of trauma, a leading cause of death worldwide, is of great clinical and public health interest. This analysis introduces flexible statistical methods for estimating center-level effects on individual outcomes in the context of highly variable patient populations, such as those of the PRospective, Observational, Multi-center Major(More)
While child and adolescent obesity is a serious public health concern, few studies have utilized parameters based on the causal inference literature to examine the potential impacts of early intervention. The purpose of this analysis was to estimate the causal effects of early interventions to improve physical activity and diet during adolescence on body(More)
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