Anna Krasnova

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Censorship-circumvention tools are in an arms race against censors. The censors study all traffic passing into and out of their controlled sphere, and try to disable censorship-circumvention tools without completely shutting down the Internet. Tools aim to shape their traffic patterns to match unblocked programs, so that simple traffic profiling cannot(More)
cMix is a cryptographic protocol for mix networks that uses precomputations of a group-homomorphic encryption function to avoid all real-time public-key operations by the senders, mix nodes, and receivers. Like other mix network protocols, cMix can enable an anonymity service that accepts inputs from senders and delivers them to an output buffer, in a way(More)
In many communication scenarios it is not sufficient to protect only the content of the communication, it is necessary to also protect the identity of communicating parties. Various protocols and technologies have been proposed to offer such protection, for example, anonymous proxies, mix-networks, or onion routing. The protocol that offers the strongest(More)
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a ubiquitous system that incorporates not only the current Internet of computers, but also smart objects and sensors. IoT technologies often rely on centralised architectures that follow the current business models. This makes efficient data collection and processing possible, which can be beneficial from a business(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Whereas open radical prostatectomy is performed extraperitoneally, minimally invasive radical prostatectomy is typically performed within the peritoneal cavity. Our objective was to determine whether minimally invasive radical prostatectomy is associated with an increased risk of small bowel obstruction compared with open radical(More)
BACKGROUND This study assessed the use of active surveillance in men with low-risk prostate cancer and evaluated institutional factors associated with the receipt of active surveillance. METHODS A retrospective, hospital-based cohort of 115,208 men with low-risk prostate cancer diagnosed between 2010 and 2014 was used. Multivariate and mixed effects(More)
This paper presents a new approach for RFID tag attribute matching problem. Unlike previous approaches, most notably the T-Match protocol, presented in [9], we do not need a central database server or any connectivity between readers. Furthermore, we do not need expensive homomorphic encryption or multiparty computation and we extend attribute matching to(More)
Importance More than 80% of older patients die or are seriously impaired within 1 year after severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). Given their poor survival, information about end-of-life care is a relevant marker of high-value trauma care for these patients. In-hospital mortality is commonly used to measure quality of trauma care; however, it is not known(More)
BACKGROUND The gap in prostate cancer (PCa) survival between Blacks and Whites has widened over the past decade. Investigators hypothesize that this disparity may be partially attributable to differences in rates of definitive therapy between races. OBJECTIVE To examine facility level variation in the use of definitive therapy among Black and White men(More)