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INTRODUCTION Clinical symptoms of rheumatic diseases can cause changes in the level of skin tactile sensitivity. AIM To determine the tactile threshold of the hands in female patients with rheumatic diseases. It also attempted to determine correlations between rheumatic patients' tactile sensitivity and the degree of articular movement limitations, the(More)
Postural balance is defined as the ability to stand unassisted without falling. Examination of the patient's postural balance function is a difficult diagnostic task. Most of the balance tests used in medicine provide incomplete information on this coordination ability of the human body. The aim of this study was to review methods of assessment of the(More)
The paper presents current data on epidemiology and risk factors responsible for incidents leading to blood-borne infections among health care workers. In many countries, the number of this type of incidents has markedly decreased, whereas in Poland blood-borne infections are still a serious problem. Unfortunately, the circumstances, in which such(More)
Smoking defines as a gate open for development other addictions in a group of adolescents. The aim of the study was the estimation the phenomena of smoking among children and adolescents as well as the knowledge concerning the negative effects of it in Big Poland area in every type of school. In the study participated 1533 pupils from every kind of schools.(More)
BACKGROUND Children with Down syndrome (DS) present with delays in motor development. The reduced size of the cerebrum, brain maturation disorders, and pathophysiological processes lead to motor development delay. The aim of this study was to examine the gross motor function and estimate what motor abilities are significantly delayed in children with Down(More)
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) leads to changes in the human organ of locomotion, e.g. to reduction of muscle strength (1), to disability and lowering of patients' quality of life (2). It is thus highly crucial to implement physical activity in the complex therapy of RA patients (3). The health qualities of a properly adjusted physical therapy have been(More)
INTRODUCTION The study examines the problem of dominant arm function loss in rural adult patients due to work-related accidents. The types of risks involved in farmyard work include falling from a height, manually moving loads, overturning/accident whilst driving an agricultural tractor, noise and vibration, use of pesticides, and the risk of being cut or(More)
International UnderstAID project shows the role of physiotherapist in patients with dementia as divided into two branches: helping to resolve the physical problems and solving the problems related to dementia. The role of physiotherapist in dementia treatment may be divided into two branches: helping to resolve the physical problems and solving the problems(More)
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