Anna Korzynska

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INTRODUCTION Lymph nodes are one of the main sites where an effective immune response develops. Normally, axillary nodes are the first place where breast cancer produces metastases. Several studies have demonstrated the importance of immune cells, especially dendritic cells, in the evolution of breast cancer. The goal of the project is to identify(More)
This paper describes a segmentation method combining a texture based technique with a contour based method. The technique is designed to enable the study of cell behaviour over time by segmenting brightfield microscope image sequences. The technique was tested on artificial images, based on images of living cells and on real sequences acquired from(More)
This paper describes the multistage morphological segmentation method (MSMA) for microscopic cell images. The proposed method enables to study the cell behavior using a sequence of two types of microscopic images: bright field images and/or fluorescent images. The proposed method is based on two types of information: the cell texture coming from the bright(More)
UNLABELLED The comparative study of the results of various segmentation methods for the digital images of the follicular lymphoma cancer tissue section is described in this paper. The sensitivity and specificity and some other parameters of the following adaptive threshold methods of segmentation: the Niblack method, the Sauvola method, the White method,(More)
In the current practice of pathology, the evaluation of immunohistochemical (IHC) markers represents an essential tool. The manual quantification of these markers is still laborious and subjective, and the use of computerized systems for digital image (DI) analysis has not yet resolved the problems of nuclear aggregates (clusters). Furthermore, the volume(More)
BACKGROUND Digital image (DI) analysis avoids visual subjectivity in interpreting immunohistochemical stains and provides more reproducible results. An automated procedure consisting of two variant methods for quantifying the cytokeratin-19 (CK19) marker in breast cancer tissues is presented. METHODS The first method (A) excludes the holes inside selected(More)
Automation of monitoring and analysis of cell culture condition is crucial for fast and reliable optimization of culturing methods e.g. in the regenerative medicine. So the method of automatic cells counting during culture monitoring and analysis of cells population, according to the model of cell culture development, is needed. To solve this general(More)
The Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) standard format is one of the most widely used in image compression technologies. More recently, JPEG2000 format has emerged as a state-of-the-art technology that provides substantial improvements in picture quality at higher compression ratios. However, there has been no attempt to date to determine which of the(More)