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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to estimate the antioxidants barrier, and the oxidative stress in the salivary glands of rats in different periods of streptozotocin induced diabetes. DESIGN Rats were divided in: 4 control (C2/4/10/14) and 4 experimental (DM2/4/10/14) groups. Salivary glands were removed 2/4/10/14 weeks after streptozotocin injection.(More)
Objective. This study evaluated oxidative damage caused to the salivary glands in streptozotocin-induced diabetes (DM). Materials and Methods. Rats were divided into 4 groups: groups 1 and 2, control rats, and groups 3 and 4, DM rats. 8-Hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG), protein carbonyl (PC), 4-hydroxynonenal protein adduct (4-HNE), oxidized and/or(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to determine the incidence rate of oral Candida species in middle-aged and elderly subjects. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study carried out in 103 adults aged 35-92 years, in which 32 (31.1%) used complet or partial acrylic dentures. Mycological tests were performed by using culture (Sabouraud agar) and API 20C AUX(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this work was to evaluate the influence of HIV infection on the catabolism of glycoconjugates in oral cavity, by determination the activity of lysosomal exoglycosidases in resting whole saliva HIV positive patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS Sample of resting whole saliva from HIV infected patients (divided into two groups, depending on(More)
BACKGROUND In spite of relatively large amount of evidence that oxidative stress is implicated in the pathogenesis of systemic sclerosis, there is no study analyzing antioxidants profile of the saliva of these patients. The aim of this study was to compare salivary antioxidants in subjects with systemic sclerosis and the healthy controls. METHODS The(More)
PURPOSE Root caries is emerging as a significant problem in the middle aged and elderly subjects because of the improving general health conditions, and medical and technological advances. The purpose of this investigation was to assess the prevalence of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria as well as yeasts of Candida genus in root carious lesions in middle-aged(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was the evaluation of connection between parodontium determined by using GI and PBI indexes and specific immunity status and non-specific in HIV infected group and in control group. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study was carried out in the group of 37 patients infected with HIV. Mixed non-stimulated saliva was used for the study.(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the study was the comparison of lysozyme concentration and peroxidase activity in mixed, non-stimulated saliva of HIV-positive patients and healthy subjects. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study was carried out in the group of 37 patients infected with HIV. The control group comprised of non-infected individuals, counterpart of the examined(More)
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