Anna Klimenko

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In the article the question of building information control system with fault-tolerant architecture is considered. It is proposed to ensure fault tolerance by combining methods of performance reserve and distributed(decentralized) dispatching. An example of the reconfiguration of the system built on the basis of the proposed architecture is also considered.
In this paper enhanced algorithm for the real time distributed control system fault-tolerance providing is presented. The algorithm is developed having the parallel simulated annealing technique as a base with the accent on the quenching temperature schemes. The combination of the parallel multistart technique and chosen temperature scheme allows to speed(More)
Informational and control systems with performance redundancy are prospective in many aspects of functioning. The reconfiguration possibility is one of the advantages of such systems, but the reconfiguration process is complex and non-trivial. The problem of configuration generation relates to the resource allocation problem, but well-known models do not(More)
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