Anna Kivistö

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Escherichia coli strains associated with pyometra in 85 of 100 bitches investigated had an affinity for urinary tract epithelium and smooth muscle as well as for progesterone-stimulated endometrium and myometrium. The adherence via K-antigen seemed to be important for colonization of the pathogen during development of pyometra. urinary tract infection was(More)
A functional test was developed to measure different adhesive properties of various Escherichia coli strains on the urinary tract epithelium. The test is based on initial incubation of everted canine ureteral segments in 2-hr cultures of E. coli (adsorption period), followed by sequential elutions in phosphate buffered saline. The release of bacteria(More)
Synaptic recruitment of AMPA receptors (AMPARs) represents a key postsynaptic mechanism driving functional development and maturation of glutamatergic synapses. At immature hippocampal synapses, PKA-driven synaptic insertion of GluA4 is the predominant mechanism for synaptic reinforcement. However, the physiological significance and molecular determinants(More)
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