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Morphogen gradient formation.
How morphogen gradients are formed in target tissues is a key question for understanding the mechanisms of morphological patterning. Here, we review different mechanisms of morphogen gradientExpand
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Dynamics of anisotropic tissue growth
We study the mechanics of tissue growth via cell division and cell death (apoptosis). The rearrangements of cells can on large scales and times be captured by a continuum theory which describes theExpand
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The Decapentaplegic morphogen gradient: a precise definition.
Two key processes are in the basis of morphogenesis: the spatial allocation of cell types in fields of naïve cells and the regulation of growth. Both are controlled by morphogens, which activateExpand
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Quantitative imaging of morphogen gradients in Drosophila imaginal discs.
Cells at different positions in a developing tissue receive different concentrations of signaling molecules, called morphogens, and this influences their cell fate. Morphogen concentration gradientsExpand
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Morphogen Gradient Formation Unraveled Using In Vivo Three-dimensional Single Molecule Microscopy
Positional information is essential for the cell's fate in tissue. In the wing imaginal disk of Drosophila melanogaster positional information is provided by a concentration gradient of theExpand
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Supplemental Data S 1 Postsynaptic Mad Signaling at the Drosophila Neuromuscular Junction
The ‘‘Immobile’’ Nuclear Mad Pool The immobile pool in FRAP experiments reveals the existence of double kinetics: fast kinetics that causes recovery within the time scale of the experiment, and slowExpand