Anna Katarzyna Jasińska

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Sex ratio and sexual dimorphism were studied in the dioecious tree Taxus baccata. We examined five populations of T. baccata in Poland and Ukraine to identify the differences between male and female individuals. The sex of all individuals, height and diameter, needle length and area, specific leaf area (SLA), the number of stomata rows, stomatal density,(More)
Mediterranean junipers are of special ecological importance as key components of resource islands in semi-arid mountain ecosystems of the Mediterranean basin. The fragmentation of their habitat, which was primarily natural and driven by climatic drought conditions, is currently being aggravated by anthropogenic pressure. In the framework of this concern,(More)
Eriochrome cyanine R (ECR) and pyrocatechol violet (PCV) have been tested as reagent for the determination of amitriptyline (AMT). They react in aqueous media with AMT forming coloured compounds sparingly soluble in walter. Optimal conditions for the reaction have been established and new extractive-spectrophotometric methods have been developed for the(More)
The main aim of the present study was testing the value of the morphological and anatomical characteristics of the needles in distinguishing Cedrus atlantica, C. libani and C. brevifolia. Nine populations were sampled in their natural habit and 25 characters were used to describe the variation of the brachyblast needles and to analyze the differences(More)
Juniperus thurifera is an important component of woodland communities of dry sites within the West Mediterranean region and is characterised by a strongly disjunctive geographic range. Two subspecies were recognised, subsp. thurifera in Europe and subsp. africana in Africa. The aim of the study was the comparison of phenetic diversity to the pattern of AFLP(More)
The phenotypic differentiation of relic P. sylvestris in southern Europe and southwestern Asia was verified using thirty-two populations sampled from the Iberian Peninsula, Massif Central, Balkan Peninsula, Crimea and Anatolia. Twenty-one morphological and anatomical needle traits and 18 cone morphological characteristics were examined to describe the(More)
Taxus woodlands suffer from a lack of natural regeneration across its whole distribution range. In Knyazhdvir Reserve in Ukraine Taxus baccata primarily competes with Abies alba. It has been assumed that in the conditions of deep shade, yews have a greater competitive advantage than firs. To verify this hypothesis, a plot with both species growing under the(More)
Solid-phase extraction (SPE) methods were applied to isolation of amitriptyline (AMI), imipramine (IMI) and chlorprothixene (CPX) from blood human serum. SPE was carried out using the octadecyl (C(18)) column for isolation of AMI and cyclohexyl (CH) columns in the case of IMI and CPX. The spiked serum samples were used to examine the recoveries of these(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Juniperus excelsa M.-Bieb. is a major forest element in the mountains of the eastern part of Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean regions. This study comprises the first morphological investigation covering a large part of the geographical range of J. excelsa and aims to verify the congruency between the morphological results and(More)
Zelkova carpinifolia is a relict tree occurring in refugial zones of south-western Eurasia. The main aim of the study was the biometrical comparison of the leaf characteristics of the species sampled in three regions of Transcaucasia. We aimed to test the hypotheses that (1) leaves from vegetative (L) shoots would be larger and more variable than those from(More)
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