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Discretization of singular functions is an important component in many problems to which level set methods have been applied. We present two methods for constructing consistent approximations to Dirac delta measures concentrated on piecewise smooth curves or surfaces. Both methods are designed to be convenient for level set simulations and are introduced to(More)
The dynamics of slender filaments or fibers suspended in Stokesian fluids are fundamental to understanding many flows arising in physics, biology and engineering. Such filaments can have aspect ratios of length to radius ranging from a few tens to several thousands. Full discretizations of such 3D flows are very costly. Instead, we employ a non-local(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t Keywords: Soluble surfactants Embedded boundary method Interface tracking Two-phase flows Strang splitting Marangoni forces Surfactants, surface reacting agents, lower the surface tension of the interface between fluids in multiphase flow. This capability of surfactants makes them ideal for many applications, including(More)
Keywords: Surfactants Surface tension Two phase flows Navier–Stokes equations Drop deformation Shear flows a b s t r a c t In many practical multiphase flow problems, i.e. treatment of gas emboli and various microfluidic applications , the effect of interfacial surfactants, or surface reacting agents, on the surface tension between the fluids is important.(More)