Anna Kantosalo

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Digital competence is an evolving concept related to the development of digital technology and the political aims and expectations of citizenship in a knowledge society. It is regarded as a core competence in policy papers; in educational research it is not yet a standardized concept. We suggest that it is a useful boundary concept, which can be used in(More)
This paper investigates how to transform machine creativity systems into interactive tools that support human-computer co-creation. We use three case studies to identify common issues in this transformation, under the perspective of User-Centered Design. We also analyse the interactivity and creative behavior of the three platforms in terms of Wiggins’(More)
This paper describes a method for getting user feedback from Finnish primary school students as a part of usability and concept evaluation for an educational poetry writing tool. The game-like method uses smiling faces on a physical game board and physical tokens to answer questions on the evaluated system.
The analysis of human-computer co-creative systems in current literature is focused on a human perspective, highlighting the benefits of co-creative systems for human users. This study paper examines different styles of human-computer co-creation from a more computational perspective, presenting new concepts for analysis of computational agents in(More)
Interaction design has been suggested as a framework for evaluating computational creativity by Bown (2014). Yet few practical accounts on using an Interaction Design based evaluation strategy in Computational Creativity Contexts have been reported in the literature. This study paper describes the evaluation process and results of a human-computer(More)
We formulate a model of computational metacreativity. The model consists of various aspects of creative self-awareness that potentially contribute, in various combinations, to the metacreative capabilities of a creative system. Our model is inspired by a psychological view of metacreativity promoting the awareness of one’s thoughts during the creative(More)
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