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BACKGROUND Over the past decade, a number of new therapeutic agents have become available in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer (MBC). This study characterized the use and assessed the impact on survival of population-based access to new agents for the treatment of MBC. METHODS The dates of release in British Columbia of 7 new systemic agents for(More)
OBJECTIVE Methods of reporting of race/ethnicity in biomedical journals are largely unknown. We aimed to systematically examine the reporting practice of race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status (SES) information in biomedical journals. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING All primary research articles that reported more than one racial/ethnic group, published between(More)
Learning system has increased to require various learning materials and very convenient system process for use by students. In the contents, recently, learning system and application with new technology such as cloud computing happens. However, in spite of increasing convenience for system use, many users (students) has no different in e-learning settings(More)
The cortex of Cinnamomum cassia Presl (Cinnamomi Cortex: CC) has commonly been used for weight control in traditional medicines, but without a scientific basis. Therefore, this study was undertaken to investigate the anti-obesity effect of CC extract in a high-fat diet (HFD)-induced obese mouse model and in C2C12 mouse skeletal muscle cells. Male C57BL/6(More)
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