Anna Kalousova

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Recent genetic analysis of the Drosophila dachshund (dac) gene has established that dac encodes a novel nuclear protein that is involved in both eye and leg development. In the Drosophila eye, dac expression appears to be controlled by the product of the eyeless/Pax6 gene. In order to analyze the Pax6 pathway in vertebrates we have isolated and(More)
To investigate the role of the Sry/hydroxymethylglutaryl box (Sox) transcription factors in the development of the pancreas, we determined the expression pattern of Sox factors in the developing mouse pancreas. By RT-PCR, we detected the presence of multiple Sox family members in both the developing pancreas and mature islets and then focused on two(More)
All metazoans use insulin to control energy metabolism, but they secrete it from different cells: neurons in the central nervous system in invertebrates and endocrine cells in the gut or pancreas in vertebrates. Despite their origins in different germ layers, all of these insulin-producing cells share common functional features and gene expression patterns.(More)
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