Anna K Scherger

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Loss of function of the tumor suppressor gene PRDM1 (also known as BLIMP1) or deregulated expression of the oncogene BCL6 occurs in a large proportion of diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) cases. However, targeted mutation of either gene in mice leads to only slow and infrequent development of malignant lymphoma, and despite frequent mutation of BCL6 in(More)
The most serious complication in today's treatment of congenital haemophilia A is the development of neutralising antibodies (inhibitors) against factor VIII (FVIII). Although FVIII inhibitors can be eliminated by immune tolerance induction (ITI) based on repeated administration of high doses of FVIII, 20-30% of patients fail to become tolerant. Persistence(More)
The development of inhibitory anti-FVIII antibodies is currently the most severe complication in the treatment of haemophilia A patients. Inhibitor eradication can be achieved by immune tolerance induction (ITI). Recent findings suggest a correlation between the FVIII-specific IgG subclass distribution and the duration or outcome of ITI. To quantify(More)
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