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The expression and the distribution of tenascin as well as the extent of blood vessel formation (angiogenesis) were investigated in 70 invasive human breast carcinomas. Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded specimens were stained with monoclonal antibody against tenascin-C (DAKO and Biogenex). Anti-CD31 antibody (Biogenex), an acknowledged marker of stromal(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to compare the histomorphologic appearance of atherosclerosis in amputated legs of diabetic and non-diabetic patients. METHODS Twenty-eight legs amputated below the knee for chronic ischaemia were studied. Fourteen legs were amputated in patients with diabetes (10 Type II, 4 nonclassified) and 14 in non-diabetics. The(More)
Claudins (CLDNs), of which 24 types have been identified, are integral transmembrane proteins of the tight junctions that are critical for maintaining cell adhesion and polarity. They also act as selective barriers. Cells and tissues are characterized by individual CLDN patterns; the composition and levels of expression change during differentiation and(More)
A malignant process interferes with the normal 'programme' of extracellular matrix biosynthesis and can modify extensively the structure and composition of the matrix. This effect appears to be attributable to several processes such as direct production of some selected matrix macromolecules by malignant cells or indirectly by the production of factors by(More)