Anna Jurek

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Analysing public sentiment about future events, such as demonstration or parades, may provide valuable information while estimating the level of disruption and disorder during these events. Social media, such as Twitter or Facebook, provides views and opinions of users related to any public topics. Consequently, sentiment analysis of social media content(More)
Influenza A virus infections are the major public health concern and cause significant morbidity and mortality each year worldwide. Vaccination is the main strategy of influenza epidemic prevention. However, seasonal vaccines induce strain-specific immunity and must be reformulated annually based on prediction of the strains that will circulate in the next(More)
Application of sensor-based technology within activity monitoring systems is becoming a popular technique within the smart environment paradigm. Nevertheless, the use of such an approach generates complex constructs of data, which subsequently requires the use of intricate activity recognition techniques to automatically infer the underlying activity. This(More)
The combination of multiple classifiers, commonly referred to as an ensemble, has previously demonstrated the ability to improve overall classification accuracy in many application domains. Some ensemble techniques, however, cannot easily improve the performance of stable classification methods. One such example of a stable classification method is the k(More)
Development of effective and safe therapeutic treatment of fungal infections remains one of the major challenge for modern medicine. The aim of presented investigation was to analyze the in vitro antifungal activity of selected essential oils, ethanolic extracts of propolis and silver nanoparticles dropped on TiO2 against azole-resistant C. albicans (n =(More)
In this work we adopt a previously introduced meta-learning classification method for semi-supervised learning problems. In our previous work we illustrated that the method is successful when applied in a supervised classification problem. In our current work the results demonstrate that following refinements made to the method it can be successfully(More)
Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have been shown to function as effective social sensors that can " feel the pulse " of a community. The aim of the current study is to test the feasibility of designing, implementing and evaluating a bespoke social media-enabled intervention that can be effective for sharing and changing knowledge,(More)