Anna Jorgensen

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the role of hippocampal plasticity in the antidepressant effect of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). METHOD We used magnetic resonance (MR) imaging including diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and proton MR spectroscopy (1 H-MRS) to investigate hippocampal volume, diffusivity, and metabolite changes in 19 patients receiving ECT for(More)
Decreasing the risk of lung cancer, or preventing its development in high-risk individuals, would have a huge impact on public health. The most effective means to decrease lung cancer incidence is to eliminate exposure to carcinogens. However, with recent advances in the understanding of pulmonary carcinogenesis and the identification of intermediate(More)
BACKGROUND Positron emission tomography scanning is used to assess response to induction therapy after treatment of esophageal cancer. A decrease in standardized uptake value has been correlated with response to therapy, with a standardized uptake value of zero often assumed to indicate complete absence of disease. We hypothesize that a significant number(More)
CONTEXT Taping is commonly used in the management of several musculoskeletal conditions, including patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). Specific guidelines for taping are unknown. OBJECTIVE To investigate the efficacy of knee taping in the management of PFPS. Our hypothesis was that tension taping and exercise would be superior to placebo taping and(More)
The purpose of this study was to review the current evidence for an association between Fusobacterium necrophorum (FN) and acute tonsillitis (AT), to assess the prevalence of FN in AT, to identify the better FN detection method, and to characterize the clinical characteristics of FN-positive patients with uncomplicated AT. A systematic literature search was(More)