Anna Jordanous

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Computational creativity is a flourishing research area, with a variety of creative systems being produced and developed. Creativity evaluation has not kept pace with system development with an evident lack of systematic evaluation of the creativity of these systems in the literature. This is partially due to difficulties in defining what it means for a(More)
A computational system that evaluates creativity needs guidance on what creativity actually is. It is by no means straightforward to provide a computer with a formal definition of creativity; no such definition yet exists and viewpoints in creativity literature vary as to what the key components of creativity are considered to be. This work combines several(More)
From what perspective should creativity of a system be considered? Are we interested in the creativity of the system’s output? The creativity of the system itself? Or of its creative processes? Creativity as measured by internal features or by external feedback? Traditionally within computational creativity the focus had been on the creativity of the(More)
This paper describes a novel language processing approach to the analysis of creativity and the development of a machine-readable ontology of creativity. The ontology provides a conceptualisation of creativity in terms of a set of fourteen key components or building blocks and has application to research into the nature of creativity in general and to the(More)
There has been increasing attention paid to the question of how to evaluate the creativity of computational creativity systems. A number of different evaluation methods, strategies and approaches have been proposed recently, causing a shift in focus: which methodology should be used to evaluate creative systems? What are the pros and cons of using each(More)
In evaluating how creative a program or an artefact is, a key factor to consider is the value inherent in that program or artefact. We investigate how to measure subjective, cultural value: value which has been expressed by members of a community towards other members. Specifically we focus on a case study asking: to what extent can we use social network(More)