Anna Joëlle Ruff

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The idea is proposed that whereas perceptual experience is underconstant in one sense, it is virtually constant insofar as it is functionally stable and predictable. The possibility of distinguishing perception and cognition is explored in experiments on the perception of surface orientation. These experiments are related to the study of self-motion(More)
The quality of amino acid substitution patterns in random mutagenesis libraries is decisive for the success in directed evolution campaigns. In this manuscript, we provide a detailed analysis of the amino acid substitutions by analyzing 3000 mutations of three random mutagenesis libraries (1000 mutations each; epPCR with a low-mutation and a high-mutation(More)
Zinc-dependent medium chain reductase from Candida parapsilosis can be used in the reduction of carbonyl compounds to pharmacologically important chiral secondary alcohols. To date, the nomenclature of cpADH5 is differing (CPCR2/RCR/SADH) in the literature, and its natural substrate is not known. In this study, we utilized a substrate docking based virtual(More)
A novel whole cell cascade for double oxidation of cyclooctane to cyclooctanone was developed. The one-pot oxidation cascade requires only a minimum of reaction components: resting E. coli cells in aqueous buffered medium (=catalyst), the target substrate and oxygen as environmental friendly oxidant. Conversion of cyclooctane was catalysed with high(More)
Simultaneous multi site-saturation mutagenesis enables to reshape binding pockets especially when cooperative amino acids are targeted, which affect activity and/or selectivity of enzymes. Simultaneous saturation of five positions with OmniChange generates up to 3.2 million different variants in one experiment in a robust and technically simple protocol.(More)
Mutational events as well as the selection of the optimal variant are essential steps in the evolution of living organisms. The same principle is used in laboratory to extend the natural biodiversity to obtain better catalysts for applications in biomanufacturing or for improved biopharmaceuticals. Furthermore, single mutation in genes of drug-metabolizing(More)
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