Anna J James

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Homeodomain-containing genes of the Dlx family are expressed in the developing basal ganglia. To investigate the role of Dlx genes during development, we studied their cellular localization in primary cultures of embryonic basal telencephalon, and examined the changes in cellular phenotypes resulting from blockade of Dlx-2 expression. Cells containing(More)
Dissociated primary cultures from rat telencephalon at different developmental stages were used to study the effect of basic fibroblast growth factor (FGF2) on Otx2, Dlx1, and Emx1, three homeobox genes expressed in different regions of the developing mammalian forebrain. At embryonic day (E)13.5. the regional pattern of expression of Otx1, Otx2, Dlx1,(More)
BACKGROUND Fibroblasts are implicated in sub-epithelial fibrosis in remodeled asthmatic airways and contribute to airway inflammation by releasing cytokines and other mediators. Fibroblast activity is influenced by members of the leukotriene family of bronchoconstrictor and inflammatory mediators, but it is not known whether human bronchial fibroblasts can(More)
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