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Aspergillus niger lipase immobilization by covalent binding on chitosan-coated magnetic nanoparticles (CMNP), obtained by one-step co-precipitation, was studied. Hydroxyl and amino groups of support were activated using glycidol and glutaraldehyde, respectively. Fourier transform infrared spectrometry, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy and(More)
  • Eduardo R. Borensztein, Gaston Gelos, +7 authors Ian Wilson
  • 2000
This paper explores the behavior of emerging market mutual funds using a novel database covering the holdings of individual funds over the period 1996:1 to 1999:3. An examination of individual crises episodes shows that funds tended to withdraw money one month prior to the crises. The degree of herding among funds is significant, but not dramatic. Herding(More)
The production of extracellular and mycelia-associated penicillin G acylase (maPGA) with Mucor griseocyanus H/55.1.1 by surface-adhesion fermentation using Opuntia imbricata, a cactus, as a natural immobilization support was studied. Enzyme activity to form 6-aminopencillanic acid (6-APA) from penicillin G was assayed spectrophotometrically. The penicillin(More)
We address robust versions of combinatorial optimization problems, focusing on the uncorrelated ellipsoidal uncertainty case, which corresponds to so-called mean-variance optimization. We present a branch and bound-algorithm for such problems that uses lower bounds obtained from Lagrangean decomposition. This approach allows to separate the uncertainty(More)
  • Jonathan Fiechter, İnci Ötker-Robe, +14 authors Michael Moore
  • 2011
and other IMF colleagues for helpful comments and input. The paper also benefited from comments and suggestions by a number of home and host supervisory authorities and key private sector representatives of the financial industry. The views expressed in this paper are those of the authors. DISCLAIMER: This Staff Discussion Note represents the views of the(More)
1 We are grateful for the guidance provided by José Viñals and Jonathan Fiechter, and for the very useful input and comments from numerous internal and external reviewers, including during an informal discussion at the IMF Executive Board. The views expressed in this paper are those of the authors. Ivan Guerra and Sofiya Avramova provided excellent research(More)
This Working Paper should not be reported as representing the views of the IMF. The views expressed in this Working Paper are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of the IMF or IMF policy. Working Papers describe research in progress by the author(s) and are published to elicit comments and to further debate. The paper analyzes and(More)
The views expressed in this document are those of the staff team and do not necessarily reflect the views of the government of Israel or the Executive Board of the IMF. The policy of publication of staff reports and other documents by the IMF allows for the deletion of market-sensitive information. (Office of the Executive Director), took part in meetings(More)
The global financial crisis has magnified the role of Financial Sector Surveillance (FSS) in the Fund's activities. This paper surveys the various steps and initiatives through which the Fund has increasingly deepened its involvement in FSS. Overall, this process can be characterized by a preliminary stage and two main phases. The preliminary stage dates(More)