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BACKGROUND The neurotransmitters dopamine and glutamate have been implicated in the prefrontal dysfunction associated with schizophrenic illness. Studies suggest that the D1 subclass of dopamine receptor and the N-methyl-D-aspartate subclass of glutamate receptor are involved in this prefrontal dysfunction. These 2 receptors regulate, in opposing(More)
Halothane and propofol stimulate activation of protein kinase C (PKC) in the presence of physiologically relevant lipid bilayer vesicles in vitro. The mechanism of this stimulation was characterized by analyzing the effects of halothane and propofol on the activation of purified rat brain PKC by its three essential activators, phosphatidylserine,(More)
BACKGROUND Protein kinase C is a signal transducing enzyme that is an important regulator of multiple physiologic processes and a potential molecular target for general anesthetic actions. However, the results of previous studies of the effects of general anesthetics on protein kinase C activation in vitro have been inconsistent. METHODS The effects of(More)
importante mecanismo de ação destes fármacos. No presente estudo foi verificada a atividade da CK em cérebro de rato após a administração crônica de paroxetina, nortriptilina e venlafaxina. O sistema creatina/CK/fosfocreatina é importante para manutenção da homeostase energética são também afetadas por estes antidepressivos. modification of creatine kinase(More)
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