Anna Huk

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The main goal of this research was to study the interactions of a fully characterized set of silver nanomaterials (Ag ENMs) with cells in vitro, according to the standards of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), to assure the quality of nanotoxicology research. We were interested in whether Ag ENMs synthesized by the same method, with the same size(More)
Nanosilver is one of the most commonly used engineered nanomaterials (ENMs). In our study we focused on assessing the size-dependence of the toxicity of nanosilver (Ag ENMs), utilising materials of three sizes (50, 80 and 200 nm) synthesized by the same method, with the same chemical composition, charge and coating. Uptake and localisation (by Transmission(More)
During the clinical-biochemical research it was found that the trand's manner of epileptic disease in general is determined by the oxidative-antioxidant balance condition in the sick organism. The experimental research, made on rats, which were under bemegrid kindling confirmed the supposition that the pro-antioxidant brain balance disruption is one of the(More)
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