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The mnd2 mutation on mouse chromosome 6 produces a progressive neuromuscular disorder. To determine the gene content of the 400-kb mnd2 nonrecombinant region, we sequenced 108 kb of mouse genomic DNA and 92 kb of human genomic sequence from the corresponding region of chromosome 2p13.3. Three genes with the indicated sizes and intergenic distances were(More)
We report the sequence of the Streptococcus pyogenes emm28 strain M28PF1, isolated from a patient with postpartum endometritis. The M28 protein is smaller than that of MGAS6180 (NC_007296.1). Furthermore, the 1,896,976-bp-long chromosome presents, compared to that of MGAS6180, an inversion between the two comX genes.
The s-triazine herbicides are compounds which can disseminate into soils and water. Due to their toxic effects on living organisms, their concentrations in drinking water are legislated by WHO recommendations. Here we have developed for the first time, to the best of our knowledge, an alternative method for physicochemical quantification using two(More)
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