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It is not surprising that the use of impact assessments has been pioneered at local and regional levels, where the potential impacts of a proposal cover a limited geographical area and the projects tend to be specific and tangible, such as infrastructure plans for roads and airports. Evaluating the potential impact of a piece of legislation, or even a whole(More)
national institute of public health Modern research generates copious amounts of information – far more than any individual would ever have time to read and summarise. Systematic knowledge reviews constitute one way of compiling current knowledge within a field. Knowledge reviews concerning interventions should provide information about the efficacy of(More)
BACKGROUND Asthma and COPD are major health problems and an extensive burden for the patient and the health care system. Patient education has been recommended, but the influence on knowledge and health outcomes is not fully examined. Our aims were to compare patient characteristics, education and knowledge in patients who had an emergency room (ER) visit,(More)
Foreword Sweden's National Institute of Public Health has recently been given a role as centre of competence concerning methods and strategies to foster public health. Reviews of current knowledge are an important part of this work. This paper will guide the reader through the process of compiling the results of previously published reviews on public health(More)
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