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With the rapidly increasing adoption of more and more powerful wireless-enabled personal mobile devices, users are facing new opportunities and challenges in making connections with other users in order to share relevant information. This is especially true, given the dynamic nature of potential interactions between typical mobile users. Peer-to-peer(More)
We present a linear optics quantum computation scheme that employs a new encoding approach that incrementally adds qubits and is tolerant to photon loss errors. The scheme employs a circuit model but uses techniques from cluster-state computation and achieves comparable resource usage. To illustrate our techniques we describe a quantum memory which is fault(More)
Four experiments that investigate the cognitive representation of objects in human observers are reported. Two broad classes of theory were examined: viewpoint-specific and viewpoint-independent models. The former postulate that the data structures underpinning object recognition correspond to discrete views and require additional processing to access them(More)
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