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Rp1-D21 is a maize auto-active resistance gene conferring a spontaneous hypersensitive response (HR) of variable severity depending on genetic background. We report an association mapping strategy based on the Mutant Assisted Gene Identification and Characterization approach to identify naturally occurring allelic variants associated with phenotypic(More)
Direct PCR sequencing with boronated nucleotides provides an alternative to current PCR sequencing methods. The positions of boranophosphate-modified nucleotides incorporated randomly into DNA during PCR can be revealed directly by exonuclease digestion to give sequencing ladders. Cytosine nucleotides, however, are especially sensitive to exonuclease(More)
Boron-modified nucleic acids comprise a new set of DNA mimics that have potential biological and therapeutic applications. A series of nine dinucleotides containing N7-cyanoborane-2'-deoxyguanosine ((7b)dG) at the 3', 5' or both positions of the phosphodiester linkage have been synthesized using solution phase phosphoramidite chemistry. Fmoc was used as the(More)
The cyanoborane (-BH2CN) nucleosides and nucleotides are a new class of compounds that mimic natural and synthetic congeners in many ways and exhibit interesting biochemical and biophysical properties. The B-N bond is isoelectronic with the C-N+ bond of N7-alkylated 2'-nucleosides, as well as the C-C bond of naturally occurring 7-alkyl-7-deazanucleosides.(More)
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