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Localization reduction is an abstraction-refinement scheme for model checking which was introduced by Kurshan [12] as a means for tackling state explosion. It is completely automatic, but despite the work that has been done related to this scheme, it still suffers from computational complexity. In this paper we present algorithmic improvements to(More)
The correctness of typestate properties in a multithreaded program often depends on the assumption of certain con-currency invariants. However, standard typestate analysis and concurrency analysis are disjoint in that the former is unable to understand threading effects and the latter does not take typestate properties into consideration. We combine these(More)
We investigate suucient conditions for the existence of optimal propositional proof systems. We concentrate on conditions of the form CoNF = NF. We introduce a purely combinatorial property of complexity classes-the notions of slim vs. fat classes. These notions partition the collection of all previously studied time-complexity classes into two(More)
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