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Hsp90 is a highly conserved molecular chaperone that is involved in modulating a multitude of cellular processes. In this study, we identify a function for the chaperone in RNA processing and maintenance. This functionality of Hsp90 involves two recently identified interactors of the chaperone: Tah1 and Pih1/Nop17. Tah1 is a small protein containing(More)
Rvb1 and Rvb2 are highly conserved proteins present in archaea and eukaryotes. These proteins are members of a large superfamily of ATPases associated with diverse cellular activities--the AAA(+) superfamily. The Rvbs have been found in multiprotein complexes that have wide ranges of functions, including DNA repair, transcription, chromatin remodeling,(More)
ClpP is a conserved serine-protease with two heptameric rings that enclose a large chamber containing the protease active sites. Each ClpP subunit can be divided into a handle region, which mediates ring-ring interactions, and a head domain. ClpP associates with the hexameric ATPases ClpX and ClpA, which can unfold and translocate substrate proteins through(More)
The highly conserved, 300-kDa cylindrical protease ClpP is an important component of the cellular protein quality machinery. It consists of 14 subunits arranged into two heptameric rings that enclose a large chamber containing the protease active sites. ClpP associates with ClpX and ClpA ATPases that unfold and translocate substrates into the protease(More)
The major outer membrane protein of Acinetobacter baumannii is the heat-modifiable protein HMP-AB, a porin with a large pore size allowing the penetration of solutes having a molecular weight of up to approximately 800 Da. Cross-linking experiments with glutardialdehyde failed to show any cross-linking between the monomers, a fact that proves again that(More)
A protein oligomer with an approximate molecular weight of its 37-kDa monomer form was purified from the cell envelope fraction of Vibrio damsela cells. This oligomer exhibited strong porin activity when reconstituted into proteoliposomes with phosphatidyl choline. The functional properties for the 37-kDa protein suggest that it is a nonspecific or general(More)
The outer membrane protein of Photobacterium damsela (OMP-PD) and the gene encoding for this porin protein were isolated and characterized. The deduced amino acid sequence of the OMP-PD monomer has 338 amino acids and a calculated molecular weight of 36,951 Da. This sequence includes a 22-amino acid signal peptide at the N-terminal, which is not found when(More)
The ClpXP ATPase-protease complex is a major component of the protein quality control machinery in the cell. A ClpX subunit consists of an N-terminal zinc binding domain (ZBD) and a C-terminal AAA+ domain. ClpX oligomerizes into a hexamer with the AAA+ domains forming the base of the hexamer and the ZBDs extending out of the base. Here, we report that ClpX(More)
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