Anna Goncé-Mellgren

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A large increase of pertussis incidence has been observed in recent years in countries with high vaccination coverage. Outbreaks of pertussis are increasingly being reported. The age presentation has a bipolar distribution: infants younger 6months that have not initiated or completed a vaccination schedule, and adolescents and adults, due to the lost of(More)
INTRODUCTION Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are often used as antidepressants in pregnant women. SSRIs do not appear to increase the teratogenic risk when used in their recommended doses. However, not enough information is available at this time about the risk of toxicity and complications in newborns, after mother treatment with SSRI(More)
INTRODUCTION Vasovagal syncope is not frequent during the second half of pregnancy, although the supine hypotension syndrome is common during this period. During these episodes, the marked hypotension may impede uteroplacental blood flow. CASE REPORT A woman who was 31.5 weeks pregnant lost consciousness for 15 minutes on standing up. 24 hours later, when(More)
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