Anna Golczak

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Light-induced degradation of the riboflavin derivatives is reported, including 5-deaza-riboflavin, iso-6,7-riboflavin, 3-methyl-tetra-acetyl-riboflavin (3MeTARF), and 3-benzyl-lumiflavin. The studied compounds undergo photolytic processes with considerable quantum yields in methanolic solutions (φ ≈ 10(-3)-10(-4) mol einst(-1)). Photolysis in anaerobic(More)
Methylation at position 5 of cytosine (Cyt) at the CpG sequences leading to formation of 5-methyl-cytosine (m(5)Cyt) is an important element of epigenetic regulation of gene expression. Modification of the normal methylation pattern, unique to each organism, leads to the development of pathological processes and diseases, including cancer. Therefore,(More)
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