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There is general agreement that "the group of schizophrenias" comprises a very heterogeneous group of patients with diverse problems. Schizophrenia itself is a highly stigmatised term and yet has continued in use for nearly one hundred years. The development of cognitive behaviour therapy for psychosis and psychosocial epidemiological research has led to(More)
During spinal cord development the proliferation, migration and survival of neural progenitors and precursors is tightly controlled, generating the fine spatial organisation of the cord. In order to understand better the control of these processes, we have examined the function of an orphan receptor protein tyrosine phosphatase (RPTP) PTPγ, in the(More)
hindgut), but overall it was significantly shorter compared with controls. In talpid3 gut, although neural crest-derived ENS precursors (shown with HNK-1 immunohistochemistry) and TuJ1-positive enteric neurons were distributed along the length of the gut, similar to controls, there were dramatic differences in their patterning across the gut wall. Also, the(More)
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