Anna Gatzioura

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The importance of marketplace frameworks, where demand and supply for electronic services meet, has gained momentum with the recent technological innovations of cloud computing. In particular the emerging market for cloud and XaaS offerings is, in the current early stage of development, scattered and represented by many single offerings. New intermediaries(More)
have become an important part of various applications. A novel case-based recommendation approach aims to overcome the current limitations while providing more insight into user preferences and item selection patterns. The most widely used recommendation techniques tend to recommend similar items to those liked by a user in the past or items that similar(More)
Cloud computing aims to realize the vision of computing as a utility provided in an economically viable manner. A necessary condition for its success as a business solution is the existence of proper software tools for the development and provision of applications for this highly dynamic ecosystem. In this paper we focus on the tools providing PaaS(More)
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