Anna Gaszczak

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Here we investigate the automatic detection of fire pixel regions in conventional video (or still) imagery within realtime bounds. As an extension to prior, established approaches within this field we specifically look to extend the primary use of threshold-driven colour spectroscopy to the combined use of colour-texture feature descriptors as an input to a(More)
Generalised wide are search and surveillance is a common-place tasking for multi-sensory equipped autonomous systems. Here we present on a key supporting topic to this task the automatic interpretation, fusion and detected target reporting from multi-modal sensor information received from multiple autonomous platforms deployed for wide-area environment(More)
We address the challenge of human behaviour analysis within automated image understanding. Whilst prior work concentrates on this task within visible-band (EO) imagery, by contrast we target basic human pose classification in thermal-band (infrared, IR) imagery. By leveraging the key advantages of limb localization this imagery offers we target two distinct(More)
Head pose estimation provides key information about driver activity and awareness. Prior comparative studies are limited to temporally consistent illumination conditions under the assumption of brightness constancy. By contrast the illumination conditions inside a moving vehicle vary considerably with environmental conditions. In this study we present a(More)
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