Anna Gajos

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One of the aspects of ammonia toxicity to brain cells is increased production of nitric oxide (NO) by NO synthases (NOSs). Previously we showed that ammonia increases arginine (Arg) uptake in cultured rat cortical astrocytes specifically via y(+)L amino acid transport system, by activation of its member, a heteromeric y(+)LAT2 transporter. Here, we tested(More)
N-Acyl-α-amino acids were efficiently transformed in a two-step procedure into 1-N-(acylamino)alkyltriphenylphosphonium salts, new powerful α-amidoalkylating agents. The effect of the α-amino acid structure, the base used [MeONa or a silica gel-supported piperidine (SiO(2)-Pip)], and the main electrolysis parameters (current density, charge consumption) on(More)
In this paper the research on a person declaring synesthetic abilities will be presented. According to the current state of knowledge synesthesia activates additional cortical fields in the brain which can be found in the EEG. The research was conducted using an EGI-EEG system (Electrical Geodesic Inc., Eugene, Oregon, USA) with the GeoSource software.(More)
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