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The case of a 16-year-old female patient is reported, who has taken in 30 tablets of Ecstasy in a suicide attempt. Initially were seen a tachycardia,hyperdynamic circulation, dehydration, leg-myocloni in the awake excited female patient. For prophylaxis of aspiration general anaesthesia and intubation with following gastric lavage were performed. During the(More)
Total gut lavage is a widely recommended method in preparation for colonoscopy and there are almost no reports of severe complications in the literature. Application of orthograde lavage by a nasogastric tube may be necessary in disorientated patients, assisted by slight medical sedation, if necessary. Despite absolutely correct appliance of the method, a(More)
Prolongation of QT time interval may be provoked by a limited number of drugs, especially macrolide antibiotics. We describe a case of QT time interval prolongation induced by clindamycin with subsequent repeated ventricular fibrillation and resuscitation; there is no previous report in the literature of QT time prolongation caused by lincosamides.
Pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis is a rarely observed disorder on plain abdominal X-ray or colonoscopy examination. Although causing few complaints in adults, it can nevertheless lead to gastrointestinal bleeding. In the reported case, gastrointestinal bleeding was observed with coinciding pneumatosis and phenprocoumon therapy. After stopping(More)
The case of a 44-year-old female patient is reported, who ingested trimipramine and quetiapine in a suicide attempt. Initially sinus tachycardia and hypotension were seen, which resulted in a hypotensive cardio-circulatory failure despite fluid therapy and administration of catecholamines. Because of the life-threatening situation and the fact that the(More)
Beschrieben wird der Fall einer 16-jährigen Patientin, die fremdanamnestisch in suizidaler Absicht 30 Tbl.Ecstasy eingenommen hatte. Initial imponierten bei der wachen Patientin eine Tachykardie,hyperdyname Kreislaufverhältnisse, ein Exzitationsstadium mit beinbetonten Myoklonien und eine Exsikkose.Zur Sicherung der Vitalfunktionen bei Vigilanzminderung(More)
Beschrieben wird der Fall einer 44-jährigen Patientin, die Trimipramin und Quetiapin in suizidaler Absicht eingenommen hatte. Initial imponierte eine Sinustachykardie in Kombination mit einer Hypotonie, die trotz Volumen- und Katecholamingabe präklinisch nur unzureichend beherrschbar war und zu einem hypotonen Kreislaufversagen führte. Aufgrund der(More)
In case of excessive prolongation of QT time and systolic time interval in ischemic cardiomyopathie serious difficulties in optimating AV sequential pacing by echocardiography may occur. As there are no possibilities to shorten systolic time interval, biphasic transmitral flow can not be achieved beyond a certain limiting heart rate. This rate was found as(More)