Anna Friedrichs

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A mechanical model is proposed which quantitatively describes the dynamics of the centre of gravity (c.g.) during the take-off phase of the long jump. The model entails a minimal but necessary number of components: a linear leg spring with the ability of lengthening to describe the active peak of the force time curve and a distal mass coupled with nonlinear(More)
Marine processes are observed with sensors from both the ground and space over large spatio-temporal scales. Citizen-based contributions can fill observational gaps and increase environmental stewardship amongst the public. For this purpose, tools and methods for citizen science need to (1) complement existing datasets; and (2) be affordable, while(More)
Societal awareness of changes in the environment and climate has grown rapidly, and there is a need to engage citizens in gathering relevant scientific information to monitor environmental changes due to recognition that citizens are a potential source of critical information. The apparent colour of natural waters is one aspect of our aquatic environment(More)
In order to increase the monitoring capabilities of inland and coastal waters, there is a need for new, affordable, sensitive and mobile instruments that could be operated semi-automatically in the field. This paper presents a prototype device to measure chlorophyll a fluorescence: the SmartFluo. The device is a combination of a smartphone offering an(More)
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