Anna Fedotova

Oksana Maksimenko2
Olga Kyrchanova2
Pavel Georgiev2
2Oksana Maksimenko
2Olga Kyrchanova
2Pavel Georgiev
1Artem Bonchuk
1Aleksey A. Penin
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  • Olga Kyrchanova, Dmitry Leman, Alexander Parshikov, Anna Fedotova, Vasily Studitsky, Oksana Maksimenko +1 other
  • 2013
Insulators are defined as a class of regulatory elements that delimit independent transcriptional domains within eukaryotic genomes. The first insulators to be identified were scs and scs', which flank the domain including two heat shock 70 genes. Zw5 and BEAF bind to scs and scs', respectively, and are responsible for the interaction between these(More)
According to recent models, as yet poorly studied architectural proteins appear to be required for local regulation of enhancer-promoter interactions, as well as for global chromosome organization. Transcription factors ZIPIC, Pita and Zw5 belong to the class of chromatin insulator proteins and preferentially bind to promoters near the TSS and extensively(More)
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