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Measuring of the amplitude of auditory cognitive evoked potentials P300 showed its changes (decrease and increase) in patients with panic disorders compared to healthy individuals. The authors hypothesize that the decrease in P300 amplitude reflects increased activity of the cerebral reticulothalamic structures, while its increase is associated with(More)
Insulators are defined as a class of regulatory elements that delimit independent transcriptional domains within eukaryotic genomes. The first insulators to be identified were scs and scs', which flank the domain including two heat shock 70 genes. Zw5 and BEAF bind to scs and scs', respectively, and are responsible for the interaction between these(More)
Wetland ecosystems are the natural centers of freshwater formation in northern Russia lowland landscapes. The humic acidic waters formed in bogs feed the numerous lakes of the northern regions. One milliliter of the water in these lakes contains up to 104 ultrasmall microbial cells that pass through “bacterial” filters with a pore size of 0.22 μm. The vast(More)
According to recent models, as yet poorly studied architectural proteins appear to be required for local regulation of enhancer-promoter interactions, as well as for global chromosome organization. Transcription factors ZIPIC, Pita and Zw5 belong to the class of chromatin insulator proteins and preferentially bind to promoters near the TSS and extensively(More)
The waters of small lakes located in swampy catchment areas of upper Volga contain considerable amounts of ultrasmall microbial cells that pass through 0.22-μm-pore-size filters. As shown in our previous study [1], most of these cells represent the bacterial genera Herbaspirillum, Herminiimonas, Curvibacter, and Burkholderia of the class Betaproteobacteria,(More)
This article aims to show the possibilities of the use avatars " hhh " technology education cloud platform on Sliding Mode based plug-ontology. In the article the virtual learning technology, which is being developed at several universities is description. The technology is based on the understanding that e-education is becoming more common. Virtual(More)
The aim of the present work was to study the efficacy of L-carnitine in patients with stage 1–2 chronic cerebral ischemia (CCI). A comparative, parallel clinical trial included 60 patients (22 men, 38 woman, aged 41–74, mean 61.2 ± 8.2 years) with established diagnoses of stage 1–2 chronic cerebral ischemia. All patients received basal treatment for CCI(More)
Molecular identification of the filterable forms of microorganisms in the water of the Rybinsk reservoir, one of the largest open water bodies in European Russia, was carried out. The number of ultrasmall microbial cells passing through 0.22 μm filters was 104 cells/mL. These were represented by both bacteria and archaea. Most bacterial 16S rRNA gene(More)
Auditory event-related potentials P300 were studied in 44 patients with panic disorders (PD) and 23 normal controls. Compared to the controls, the patients differed significantly by the reduced P300 wave amplitude and alteration of its habituation. PD patients also demonstrated more pronounced anxiety, depression, autonomic dysfunction, hyperventilation and(More)