Anna Fairhurst

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Melanocortinergic neurons are believed to play a role in the control of food intake. Melanocortin receptor agonists and antagonists modulate feeding in several mouse models of chemically and genetically induced hyperphagia. To date, little information is available describing the role of this neurological system in the control of the natural feeding cycle in(More)
MTII, an agonist of melanocortinergic receptors, is a well-documented anorexigenic agent in rats. Many investigators have reported its effects on feeding without considering concurrent alterations in other behaviors. Accordingly, we performed studies to simultaneously measure nocturnal feeding, drinking, activity, and temperature of rats after(More)
Background: In most European countries, women are relatively more susceptible to smoking-related diseases, find it more difficult to quit and are more likely to relapse than men. With the aim of improving the understanding of women's needs from smoking cessation services, this qualitative study examines perceptions of women from deprived communities on the(More)
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