Anna E. Neumann

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The authors explored the utility of the Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale (DERS) in assessing adolescents' emotion regulation. Adolescents (11-17 years; N = 870) completed the DERS and measures of externalizing and internalizing problems. Confirmatory factor analysis suggested a similar factor structure in the adolescent sample of the authors as(More)
The present study (a) tests main and moderational effects of neighborhood and family risk, and adolescent impulsivity on the development of male and female antisocial behavior (ASB) and (b) examines the extent to which these effects work indirectly through parental knowledge. Adolescents (N = 4,597; 51% male) reported on informal social control in their(More)
This study investigated DSM-defined anxiety symptoms in South African youths. Children and adolescents (N = 701) from various cultural groups completed the SCARED and a questionnaire measuring perceived parental rearing behaviors. Results indicated that the psychometric properties of the SCARED were satisfactory in the total sample of South African youths,(More)
This study examined the role of the level and variability of happiness, anger, anxiety, and sadness in the development of adolescent-reported anxiety disorder symptoms, depressive symptoms, and aggressive behavior in 452 adolescents (250 male) followed from age 13 to 14. Level and between-day variability of emotions were assessed through adolescent report(More)
This study explored the influence of adolescent mood variability on the symptom development of generalized anxiety and depression in the context of parent-adolescent negative interactions. Participants were 456 adolescents (55.7 % male) from a community sample, who were followed from age 13 to 16 years. During 4 annual assessments, adolescents reported on(More)
Neben Effektmonitoring und Umweltmonitoring stellt das humane Biomonitoring (HBM) eine attraktive Methode zur Untersuchung von Verteilung und Ausmaß anthropogener Umweltnoxen bei Individuen oder Bevölkerungsgruppen dar. Zur umweltmedizinischen Interpretation der Messergebnisse aus Umweltuntersuchungen oder -studien stehen allerdings keine Beurteilungswerte(More)
Three studies examine the impact of an anger manipulation on threat perception among Northeastern University students after the Boston Marathon bombings. Data collection for one experiment began within 24 hours of the bombings. Results suggest that the impact of anger on threat perception differed during the week of the bombings compared to 1 and 5 months(More)
Die vom Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend (BMFSFJ) geförderte Bundesinitiative Frühe Hilfen unterstützt durch den Ausbau spezifischer Angebote belastete Familien. Da repräsentative deutsche Daten fehlen, führte das Nationale Zentrum Frühe Hilfen eine repräsentative nationale Studie zu psychosozialen Belastungen bei Familien mit(More)