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Spatial memory is often studied in the Morris Water Maze, where the animal's spatial orientation has been shown to be mainly shaped by distal visual cues. Cognition-related behavior has also been described along "well-trodden paths"--spatial habits established by animals in the wild and in captivity reflecting a form of spatial memory. In the present study(More)
The quinpirole sensitization model of obsessive-compulsive disorder was used to investigate the functional role that brain regions implicated in a neuroanatomical circuit of obsessive-compulsive disorder may play in compulsive checking behavior. Following repeated injections of saline or quinpirole (0.5mg/kg, twice per week, ×8 injections) to induce(More)
Rats treated chronically with the dopamine D2/D3 receptor agonist quinpirole develop locomotor sensitization and exhibit compulsive checking of specific places in an open-field arena, a behavioral profile that may represent an animal model of obsessive-compulsive disorder. However, it is not known how compulsive checking develops across quinpirole(More)
RATIONALE Cotreatment with clorgyline shifts the development of sensitization to the D2/D3 dopamine receptor agonist quinpirole from locomotion to mouthing, an effect apparently unrelated to the monoamine oxidase inhibition property of clorgyline. This phenomenon was demonstrated in rats examined in small activity chambers. However, like with other(More)
BACKGROUND The advent of global gene expression profiling has generated unprecedented insight into our molecular understanding of cancer, including breast cancer. For example, human breast cancer patients display significant diversity in terms of their survival, recurrence, metastasis as well as response to treatment. These patient outcomes can be predicted(More)
The open field test is a common tool to measure innate anxiety in rodents. In the usual configuration of this test the animal is forced to explore the open arena and its behavior includes both anxiety and non-anxiety responses. However, the open arena is generally small and allows only limited expression of exploratory behavior. The recently developed(More)
When introduced into a novel environment, mammals establish in it a preferred place marked by the highest number of visits and highest cumulative time spent in it. Examination of exploratory behavior in reference to this "home base" highlights important features of its organization. It might therefore be fruitful to search for other types of marked places(More)
Hormones may modulate the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), but the evidence is equivocal and not consistent across studies, with findings of hormone-associated increases and decreases of symptoms. To assess whether a strong endocrine influence on OCD exists, the effects of hypophysectomy were examined in an animal model of OCD. The model(More)
Echocardiography and tetrapolar impedance plethysmography were employed to study 160 patients with normotensive, hypertensive and hypotensive neurocirculatory asthenia (NCA). In hyperkinetic circulation registered in 53.8% of the examinees the patients received therapy aimed at stabilization of cardiac output, i.e. beta-adrenoblockers, calcium antagonists.(More)
The paper gives the results of tests for influence of luminol solution of different composition on detectability of haptoglobin fractions in the bloodstains of different ages. It was stated that alkaline luminol solutions reduce intensity of fractions and may hamper Hp phenotype determination especially in old stains.
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