Anna Dutta

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The authors studied 10 men charged with patricide, including 2 men charged with both patricide and matricide and compared them with 10 schizophrenic patients who did not commit any crime. Eight patients who committed patricide were diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenic illness and 2 patients received a diagnosis of personality-disorder. Seven(More)
The authors studied sixteen men who committed matricide. Fifteen out of sixteen cases had a diagnosis of schizophrenia and the remaining patient had a diagnosis of schizophrenia with personality disorder. All were single at the time of the matricide. Data indicate an intense conflict-laden and ambivalent relationship between the majority of patients with(More)
Introduction In view of the rarity of schizophrenia in children and differences in manifestation across cultures, an investigation was carried out to look into the clinical profile of schizophrenia in children in Varanasi, India (Eastern Pradesh). Method 30 patients meeting the criteria for schizophrenia (ICD 10) were selected from the child Guidance Clinic(More)
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