Anna Drozdová

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Measurement of α-synuclein level in the peripheral blood was proposed as a diagnostic test for Parkinson's disease. However, the results of these studies remain contradictory, probably because the examined samples included patients with different etiology of Parkinson's disease. To verify this assumption we studied the levels of α-synuclein in peripheral(More)
The importance of glycans in biological systems is highlighted by their various functions in physiological and pathological processes. Many glycan epitopes on glycoproteins and glycolipids are based on N-acetyllactosamine units (LacNAc; Galβ1,4GlcNAc) and often present on extended poly-LacNAc glycans ([Galβ1,4GlcNAc](n)). Poly-LacNAc itself has been(More)
This work reveals new structural relationships in the complex process of the interaction between activation receptors of natural killer cells (rat NKR-P1, human CD69) and novel bivalent carbohydrate glycomimetics. The length, glycosylation pattern and linker structure of receptor ligands were examined with respect to their ability to precipitate the(More)
In 7 patients suffering from chronic diffuse liver diseases, they were combined with intrathoracic (3 patients) and generalized (4 patients) granulomatosis. Acute viral hepatitis or risk factors of infecting hepatitis viruses revealed in the case reports of 5 patients preceded the appearance of the signs of both lung and pulmonary damage. In 2 patients(More)
Main aspects of the study of chronic virus infection now cover clinico-morphological characteristics, prognosis of chronic liver diseases (CLD) by HBV and HCV; characteristics of extrahepatic lesions produced by HBV and HCV; features of CLD of mixed etiology (viral and alcoholic); treatment of CLD of viral etiology. The hypothesis is suggested on the(More)
Electron microscopic and immunohistochemical methods were employed to study composition of collagens in extracellular matrix and quantify oncoproteins c-sis and c-fos. It was established that interstitial pulmonary diseases of various etiology are characterized at early stages by alveolitis with activation of alveolar macrophages, at late stages by(More)
A case of necrotizing sarcoid-like granulomatous vasculitis (NSGV) in a female with liver cirrhosis (probably of virus etiology) complicated with systemic manifestations (skin vasculitis, syndromes of Raynaud and Sjögren). NSGV was diagnosed on the basis of the autopsy findings. Giant cell, epithelioid and macrophagal granulomas that differed from those in(More)
Upon analysis of 550 cases of different chronic diffuse pulmonary diseases included in a group of interstitial diseases of the lungs (IDL) the authors came to the conclusion that IDL incorporate such variants as alveolitis, pulmonary vasculitis and pulmonary hemorrhages; granulomatosis covers exogenic allergic alveolitis, alveolitis in chronic active(More)
PCR is a highly sensitive, convenient and rapid method for detection of viral DNA in fixed tissue samples which allows one to analyse the material from the pathology files, mainly biopsies. PCR in a fixed material requires larger amounts of DNA-polymerase and longer duration of every stage of thermo-cycles compared to PCR in the purified DNA samples.
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