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Behavioural research on domestic pigs has included parent–offspring conflict, sibling competition, and the use of signals which influence resource allocation. In this paper, we review key sow–piglet behavioural studies and discuss their relevance to resource allocation theory. Sibling competition begins in the uterus and continues after birth, as piglets(More)
Over the course of the annual cycle, migratory bird populations can be impacted by environmental conditions in regions separated by thousands of kilometers. We examine how climatic conditions during discrete periods of the annual cycle influence the demography of a nearctic-neotropical migrant population of yellow warblers (Setophaga petechia), that breed(More)
We use stable isotope data to investigate the role of winter habitat use in altering the breeding phenology of yellow warblers Setophaga petechia . We fi rst confi rm that δ 13 C and δ 15 N isotopic signatures vary with winter habitat use in this species . We then examine the relationship between winter habitat use, breeding phenology and productivity(More)
Winter habitat use can influence the breeding success of migratory songbirds in temperate regions due to its impact on bird condition and breeding phenology. How such carry-over effects vary with latitude is unknown. To address this question, we examined how winter habitat use, inferred from δ13C and δ15N signatures in winter-grown feathers, influenced the(More)
Native and reconstituted myoglobin were prepared and their c.d. spectra recorded in the Soret region. Time-dependent changes in dichroism following reconstitution were observed and related to haem orientational disorder. Comparative c.d. studies, in agreement with n.m.r. studies, reveal that the degree and nature of this disorder are species-dependent.
In many bird species colour traits influence social dominance and breeding success. In our study we first evaluated whether the colour of the basic plumage (tail feathers grown at the end of the breeding season), that provides an index of individual quality, influenced winter habitat use by yellow warblers. We then evaluated whether winter habitat use(More)
Long-distance migratory birds in North America have undergone precipitous declines over the past half-century. Although the trend is clear, for many migrating species underpinning the exact causes poses a challenge to conservation due to the numerous stressors that they encounter. Climate conditions during all phases of their annual cycle can have important(More)
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